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Elite Awning Builders has been building and installing awnings all over New York including Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Long Island, Staten Island, and Manhattan for over twenty years. We specialize in aluminum awnings with aluminum frames, plexiglass zorox or clear and tinted awnings, and alsoretractable fabric awnings. Our awnings can be placed over windows, doors, porches, patios, carports, backyards, & more. Elite has been seen in the news lately for home and commercial awnings in NYC.

​​​​How Long does it Take for an Awning to be Installed?  It takes Approx. 2-4 weeks to build & install awnings depending on the time of year. In the summer or spring especially industry experiences an influx of customers and it can take 4 or 5 weeks.

What types of Awnings are there? The main types of awnings are metal awnings, plastic awnings, and fabric awnings. Metal awnings are made out of aluminum and do not rust or rot. They are the most affordable awning and can last 20 years usually without any problems.

Plastic / Lexan / Polycarbonate Awningsare unbreakable clear or tinted awnings can are more fancy then aluminum awnings. They come with a gutter and stripes on top and can have artwork around the trim for a nice touch. Lastly, Fabric Awnings can come retractable or stationary and are usually made out of Sunbrella fabric with aluminum frames. These awnings are very popular in New York but don't hold up good in rain or snow. We advise customers to go with Aluminum or Plastic awnings as they require less maintenance and won't have to be replaced.

How much does an awning cost in New York? The cost of an awning really depends on the material used and how big it is. Aluminum Metal Awnings run $450-$4000. Plastic Lexan Awnings run $500-$5000 & Retractable Fabric awnings run $1000-$5000.Call us today for an exact quote, as we promise to beat any price and deliver high quality awnings with a warranty!

We pride ourselves on the reputation that we have built for reliability, quality, technical capability, and service. You can trust the team at Elite Awning Builders for all of your awning needs!

Awning Installation Purchase Information & Basics:

Retractable Awnings work by allowing you to open and close the awning whenever you require. You can close them during bad weather and open them when you want to sit outside and enjoy the day. Retractable Awnings are good for homes or commercial businesses.
Stationary awnings are always opened and are perfect as an alternative to a residential garage or areas you wish to keep cooler, such as the driveway, walkway or picnic area. Make sure your awning contractor offers you all available options and make sure to ask questions.
It's important that the awning installer shows you with multiple awning options, including fabric, metal, or clear & smoked varieties. Likewise, the contractors and installers you choose should be able to handle repair jobs or help you install a new one. Whether you're hoping to go outside in the rain or save on energy bills, we can assist you by installing a new awning that will improve appearances and more. 

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Aluminum Awnings are made with aluminum sheeting with baked on coloring. This baked on color will ensure the color doesn't fade quickly and also looks very good! 

The clear or tinted plexiglass awnings are made with polycarbonated unbreakable plastic sheets. They come in different styles and block 25% or 75% of the sun when shaded. Plexiglass porch home awnings New York.

Service Area: Brooklyn - Queens - Bronx - Long Island (Nassau & Suffolk) - NYC

Retractable fabric awnings are made with 100% acrylic fabric and can be manually rolled out or motorized with a remote control. The main purpose of the retractable is for shade although it can withstand some wind and rain it is not made to be retracted in bad weather. We specialize in aluminum awnings in long island NY.

When you are looking for a new awning for your home in Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Long Island, Staten Island, or anywhere in New York please give us a call for a free home estimate, our prices can't be beat. Guaranted!

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