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Aluminum Residential Awnings NYC

We manufacture & install residential awnings nyc, specializing in aluminum & lexan zorox plexiglass awnings. Elite has been serving residential awnings NYC 5 Boroughs & Long Island for well over a decade. Free shop at home estimates for awnings nyc over porches, patios, balconies, decks, windows & doors. Call to schedule an appointment or for a free quote. At Elite we know you work hard for your money, that's why we work our best to make you happy with the job.

​Zorox & Lexan Awnings NYC

Alumium Awnings in NYC

Lexan & Zorox Awning NYC

Retractable Fabric Awnings New York

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Awnings come in two many styles stationary or retractable with fabric. Alumium and Lexan Zorox awnings come as stationary only, also called fixed. 

The aluminum awnings nyc come in a variety of colors and usually come with stripes and scalaps around the bottom. They are the most affordable option and are made 100% out of metal.

The Zorox or Lexan awnings come clear or tinted, are made out of polycarbonate and are highly durable, & allow light to shrine right through. Lexan zorox awnings are also considered more fancy and better looking then the aluminum metal style. In New York the main retractable awnings are made out of aluminum frames and are covered with fabric for the roof. The awnings use lateral arms to retract in and out. If you're in the New York NYC area, call us today for a free estimate

​Zorox & Lexan Awnings NYC

Elite Awnings in NYC

Residential Awnings NYC

Aluminum & Lexan Zorox

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