Have the sun when you want it or the shade when you need it.  That’s an outstanding advantage of a retractable awning.  In only seconds you can turn your hot patio or deck into a cool shaded retreat.  This “outdoor room” can be 20 degrees cooler than before you pushed the button.  Awnings extend and retract at the push of a button if you choose a motorized model.

Awnings will protect you from the sun, light showers and harmful UV rays.  They protect homes from heat and discoloration of carpet and furniture.

Compared to many home improvements, a retractable awning is very affordable.  There is a variety of styles and sizes available, so homeowners can choose from many price points. 

Areas We Serve Include

  • Brooklyn
  • Queens
  • Bronx
  • Long Island (Nassau & Suffolk)
  • Staten Island
  • Manhattan New York

Shade From The Sun!
So, with a retractable 
awning you can create a lovely area of shade to give you and your family some added protection without having to retreat indoors.

Save Money
If you have a room that gets a lot of 
sun and becomes too hot to use in the summer, save money on running fans or air conditioning and unroll your awning instead. Fitted over a patio or bifold doors, a retractable awning can provide welcome shade for your indoor space without running up your electricity bill.

Extend your living space Protection From The Rain & Easy To Use!

Once fitted, awnings are extremely simple to operate. You can choose to have either a manual or electric awning. With a

awning you simply wind a crank arm to unroll and roll up the awning and with the electric option you just have to push a button and the awning will extend and retract automatically.

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Options abound!  One of the most popular options is a hood which both protects the awning and gives a ”finished look” to the home.  Another option many homeowners choose is a wireless wind sensor.  The wind sensor automatically retracts the awning when the wind velocity exceeds a preset speed.  The obvious advantage of this feature is protection from wind damage. 

A very popular option is a built-in panel that drops down from the front of the awning.  This see-thru panel blocks the sun when it is low in the sky plus gives protection from the wind.  The many color choices allow homeowners to choose one that perfectly blends with their home.

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