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Zorox Tinted Awning with Artwork & Address in NY

Zorox Tinted Awning With Artwork

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Zorox awnings also called Lexan Awnings are made out of plastic & manufactured by Elite Awning Builders in New York's Boroughs including Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx & Long Island(Nassau & Suffolk Counties). 

How are Zorox awnings made? Zorox awnings use polycarbonate clear or tinted sheeting for roofing material which gets screwed into an aluminum metal frame. The Zorox awnings come in two many styles the clear & tinted. Clear Zorox awnings allow 90% of light to shine through and will brighten up your home porch or patio the most. Tinted Zorox awnings will block half the light coming through and you have have a much darker covering. Once you place the polycarbonate sheeting on the aluminum frame a gutter & stripes are added, and lastly if the awning is getting artwork the skirt is placed onto the existing framework. Zorox Awning Winter Special Call for Info!


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Zorox Tinted Awning With Artwork